Steven Andrew Jackson, Attorney and Counsellor at Law
North Carolina Trust and Will Planning



We can meet in the safety of your home or outside with social distancing and masks.

We can talk by Video or Telephone and do all phases of our Unique Estate Planning Process with your health and safety, and those of your loved ones, as a priority.


In-Depth Consultation – We are adamant about knowing and understanding our clients’ concerns, fears, hopes, goals and strengths before starting work. We know each person is unique and that each one of their loved ones is different, which is why Steve actively listens and grows to understand each client’s individual needs, concerns and goals before together they design their Customized Protective Estate Plan™ to meet that client’s special needs and goals.


Over 35 years of Legal Experience – With over 35 years of experience in estate planning and previously as a trial attorney, Steve has experienced many different family scenarios and dynamics.  All of those years of experience are brought together to protect you and your loved ones when considering your unique estate plan.

A unique, trademarked, Customized Protective Estate Plan – Steve has developed and trademarked the “Customize Protective Estate Plan System, a unique estate planning process that helps understand your unique personal, family and asset situation and design a “Customize Protective Estate Plan Systemto help you reach your goals and alleviate your concerns on what happens if you get sick, become mentally incapacitated, and when you pass on, all the while taking into account the different strengths and weaknesses of your loved ones.

We’ve helped hundreds of families over a number of decades using our Unique Estate Planning Process.  Let us help you.

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