You have an Affirmative Duty to do Estate Planning

Most states, including North Carolina, have laws in place that establish what your Estate Plan will be. Those Laws may be the opposite of what you actually want. In North Carolina under those laws, in a family with a husband and wife with children, in most scenarios, two thirds (2/3) of the parent’s estate, when... [Read More]

Summer Travel and Healthcare Authority

Summer is when many Americans are traveling out-of-state. They are on vacation to new places or to visit with loved ones or family. As we cross state lines one concern is that our Healthcare Power of Attorney a/k/a Healthcare Proxy might not be accepted in another state. For example if you have a Healthcare Power... [Read More]

Boston Bombers and the Unknown

Those injured at the finish line of The Boston Marathon last week never anticipated that two bombs would explode killing three and injuring and maiming another 200 people. A physician from Sylva, North Carolina, just west of Asheville, was at the finish line with his wife cheering on a friend.  After the explosions, the first... [Read More]

The Cuban Missile Crisis and North Korea

We were closer to the nuclear war in the 1960’s than we ever imagined. My Dad was a very good business man, well traveled, a great story teller and one who got others to share their stories.  One of the stories my Father had told to him was received from a group of gentlemen after... [Read More]

Estate Planning Attorney Steven Andrew Jackson Featured in National Publication

Estate Planning and Asset Protection Attorney, Steven Andrew Jackson, of Asheville, North Carolina, was featured in Lindsay Hunt Media, a leading on-line authority on the use of Social Media in the world.  The article discusses the use of Social Media in making your presence known professionally in the market place.  The article mentioned Steve’s recent... [Read More]