James Brown’s Estate Planning Blues

As a movie about James Brown, “the Godfather of Soul”, hits cinemas we remember the disastrous Estate Planning he left behind. James Brown’s Will attempted to create a Trust under a Will for education of poor children for the bulk of his assets, also for education for his grandchildren, some personal items to his adult... [Read More]

Why We Do What We Do

I’ve always been protective of friends, loved ones, and teammates. It’s probably why I played offensive tackle in football and center in basketball. It was always about sacrificing myself in the game for the good of the team or others. I’ve always had a very high “Protective Streak.” In establishing a relationship with my clients... [Read More]

The Hand of Tax

A good way to help explain an overview of taxes is to look at the five fingers of your hand. There is an “Income Tax” when you earn the money. There is a “Sales Tax” when you purchase an item. There is a “Property Tax” when you purchase some things and hold it. There is... [Read More]

It’s the People, not the Stuff

Love people and use things.  Not the other way around.  Our relationships are the high points of our lives.  That may include our faith relationship. Those relationships are the most precious gifts that we receive.  Our sweetest memories we have maybe of our children’s laughter, our friend’s understanding or looking into the eyes of someone who... [Read More]

Strange Days…

Russia invades Ukraine, a giant jet disappears and Spring never comes to the mountains. Strange things happen that we never anticipate happening. Natural events like unending winters, dangerously aggressive acts by world powers such as invading a neighboring country, and whatever strange events are happening in your own life. We need to be flexible and... [Read More]

The Tax Man Cometh

Again this President seeks to penalize those who have been successful financially. The new proposal from the White House seeks to limit annual gifting to $50,000.00 dollars total per year.  Instead of limiting it per individual they’re seeking to limit it to a total of $50,000.00 dollars in the year beginning in 2015. That may... [Read More]

Hang In, Spring is Coming!

Here on the East Coast we have been battered with a tough winter and heavy snows, but we’ve had glimpses of spring weather in the last few days. The forecast is for more cold weather and more snow. We in the South are not set up for snow as local governments do not have a... [Read More]

Shirley Temple and Phillip Seymour Hoffman Go Home

We’ve recently seen the passing of Shirley Temple Black the iconic child actress and later Ambassador and the Oscar winning Actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Ms. Temple Black passed away at age 85. Actor Hoffman left at the early age of 47. One passed on after a long full life, the other unexpectedly by accidental drug... [Read More]

Portability Remains in Estate Planning

“Portability” is a concept that the IRS allows wherein by filing an Estate Tax Return or IRS Form 706, one may preserve the unused Federal Estate Tax Credit of the first spouse who passes on. The Estate Tax is due when the second Spouse passes on. Each spouse has a Unified Credit amount allowed by... [Read More]

Cold Enough to Kill!

The current weather in the Eastern part of the United States is “Is Cold Enough to Kill!” If you are out in this weather for any extended period of time you could easily suffer from hypothermia or frostbite which could lead to death due to exposure. Not only do you have to dress warmly if... [Read More]