Avoid Bushwacks

Avoiding bushwhacks includes avoiding probate court. I know I am repeating myself here, but this is a common area of misconception. The downsides of probate court are numerous. The attorney fees, which they often refer to as ‘administrative expenses’, can be 5-7% of the value of your probate estate. For example, if you have One... [Read More]

More Storms of Life

We in North and South Carolina just went through heavy Storms, including heavy rains, over the past several days. Here in Western North Carolina we have been having rain off and on for more than ten (10) days. That was followed by very heavy rain over this past weekend. This rain has led to rivers... [Read More]

Super Charging an Inheritance

One can protect an inheritance they leave to a loved one by leaving that share of the inheritance in a Protective Trust. That gives the adult who inherits the money more protection to keep them from losing that inheritance by squandering it, losing it in a divorce, or losing it in a car wreck lawsuit.... [Read More]

What We Really Fear in Our Estate Plan

Many clients come into the office concerned more about the delay, costs and publicity of Probate Court, or potential tax issues. But as they start to open up about their real concerns about leaving inheritance, the concerns are about what if they become mentally disabled? What if their spouse remarries – will their assets go... [Read More]

Paul Walker Estate Sues to Collect Automobiles

Paul Walker, the handsome actor and star of the “Fast and Furious” movie series, died in a fiery car crash on November 30, 2013. His demise was national news as soon as it happened. His Estate aka Probate is now suing to recover 17 very expensive cars which were held by the man driving the... [Read More]

Psychological Cost of Inheritance

When creating your Estate Plan do consider whether an inheritance to your children is disincentivizing them from growing-up into a responsible adult. A lump-sum inheritance might leave them feeling “fat and happy” and therefore they’ll stop being a productive member of society. Another issue to consider is whether they might be one of the estimated... [Read More]

Donald Sterling Trust Upheld

The Mental Disability Estate Planning done inside Donald and Shelly Sterling’s Living Trust was upheld by the Court. This went through the Court in several weeks avoiding what could have been years of expensive and painful litigation. By Donald and Shelly Sterling, owners of the NBA Los Angeles Clippers Professional Basketball Team, having Mental Disability... [Read More]

Estate Planning and Alzheimer’s for the Denver Bronco’s Owner

Pat Bowlen, president and owner of the NFL Denver Bronco’s Team has resigned as President due to having Alzheimer’s disease. He has struggled with this disease for at least five (5) years. He is 70 years old. The team is held by his Trust. This is another example of a well-known individual in the news... [Read More]

Estate Planning for the Family Business

A business owner will spend their lifetime building a business from the ground up, but will spend little, to no time, in planning its transition to their family. It is estimated that a business owner will spend nearly a million hours during their lifetime building, growing and operating a business, but spend less than four... [Read More]

Donald Sterling v. Casey Kasem – Estate Planning

The recent Donald Sterling and Casey Kasem cases served to illustrate when Mental Disability Planning is made a part of the client’s Estate Planning. It was done in the Donald Sterling case inside of his Living Trust aka Revocable Living Trust. A mechanism was designed in the Trust so that Mental Disability Provisions could be... [Read More]