More Storms of Life

We in North and South Carolina just went through heavy Storms, including heavy rains, over the past several days. Here in Western North Carolina we have been having rain off and on for more than ten (10) days. That was followed by very heavy rain over this past weekend. This rain has led to rivers... [Read More]

Family Disputes Over Inheritance

One thing I have seen that is a very uncomfortable situation is where a parent leaves all of their assets to the Stepparent of their Adult Children. That Stepparent then has an estate liquidation sale selling all of the personal effects of their spouse. The adult children had to go to a public auction to... [Read More]

Wills & Trusts (Part 3)

A Trust or Living Trust, occasionally known as a Family Trust, may avoid Probate when you have your assets titled in the name of that Trust. If your assets are not titled into the name of your Trust, those assets do not avoid Probate. Further, you have wasted one of the main advantages of the... [Read More]

Wills & Trusts (Part 2)

A Will can be an effective Estate Plan. If it is properly written it can properly control your assets, the assets can go to the people that you want the way that you want, and you can have the right people in control of the Will. A Will will push your assets through Probate aka... [Read More]

Wills & Trusts

A Will is a Legal Document where one sets out their intentions as to how their assets should move after they are deceased. It may or may not control their assets. A Will needs to be valid in the particular State where the decedent lives. The Will needs to control the assets of the decedent.... [Read More]

Steve Teaches CE Class – “More After Death Administration” (More from Beyond the Grave)

Estate Planning attorney, Steven Andrew Jackson, will teach a one hour Continuing Education class on “More After Death Administration.”  The class will be from 8:00 am to 9:00 am on Wednesday, May 6, 2015, at The Biltmore Building, One North Pack Square, in downtown Asheville.  The class is approved for one hour Continuing Education by... [Read More]