Saints Owner Tom Benson Completes the First Week of Competency Trial

87 year old billionaire Tom Benson’s Competency Trial ended its first week. It’s expected to pick back up soon. The lawsuit in essence is a power struggle between Tom Benson’s daughter and Tom Benson’s third wife over control of the NFL New Orleans Saints and NBA Pelicans professional sports teams. They are Mr. Benson’s primary... [Read More]

Tom Benson Adult Incompetency Lawsuit

The Tom Benson (owner of the NFL New Orleans Saints and NBA Pelicans professional sports teams) adult incompetency lawsuit continues. Per a Court Order three (3) different medical professionals have examined 87 year old Tom Benson regarding his mental incompetency. His daughter and two (2) adult grandchildren brought the lawsuit. The opposing party is Tom... [Read More]

Owner of New Orleans Saints and NBA Pelicans – Sought to be declared incompetent

Tom Benson is the owner of the NFL Saints and the NBA Pelicans. Both professional sports teams are located in New Orleans, Louisiana. His heirs have sought to have him found an incompetent adult and therefore unable to handle his own affairs (they are seeking control of his financial affairs). He had a mental fitness... [Read More]

Donald Sterling Trust Upheld

The Mental Disability Estate Planning done inside Donald and Shelly Sterling’s Living Trust was upheld by the Court. This went through the Court in several weeks avoiding what could have been years of expensive and painful litigation. By Donald and Shelly Sterling, owners of the NBA Los Angeles Clippers Professional Basketball Team, having Mental Disability... [Read More]

Donald Sterling v. Casey Kasem – Estate Planning

The recent Donald Sterling and Casey Kasem cases served to illustrate when Mental Disability Planning is made a part of the client’s Estate Planning. It was done in the Donald Sterling case inside of his Living Trust aka Revocable Living Trust. A mechanism was designed in the Trust so that Mental Disability Provisions could be... [Read More]

Donald Sterling’s Estate Planning – Part 3

On July 7, 2014 a Los Angeles judge will have a hearing to determine whether or not Donald Sterling is capable of serving as Trustee of his and his wife’s Trust. The Trust controls the entity which holds the Los Angeles Clippers, a NBA professional basketball team. Under the Sterling’s Estate Planning their Trust contains... [Read More]

Donald Sterling’s Estate Planning – Part 2

As more news comes out regarding the Estate Planning of Mental Incapacity of NBA Team Owner Donald Sterling, it appears that Donald Sterling was ruled an incompetent adult by two physicians. That was sufficient under the terms of the Living Trust that Donald shared with his wife, Shelly, so that under said Trust he could... [Read More]

Casey Kasem Estate Planning Woes

Radio icon Casey Kasem famous for his national “America’s Top 40” weekly radio show, is in the spotlight for his Estate Planning woes. There appears to be an ongoing wrestling match between Casey Kasem’s wife and his adult children from a prior marriage over physical possession of Casey Kasem. He is reported to be suffering... [Read More]

Donald Sterling’s Mental Incapacity

Professional basketball team owner Donald Sterling’s has reportedly been declared Mentally Incompetent under the terms of his Trust with his wife according to Sports Illustrated. Apparently under the terms of Donald Sterling’s Trust he can be declared an incompetent adult by two physicians, which apparently has been done, placing his wife in control under their... [Read More]