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Riches – In Connection

What does Connection mean to you?

Picture Perfect? The Norman Rockwell paintings of the family gathering around the holiday table, or the scene of the family and friends circling around Jimmy Stewart in “It’s a Wonderful Life” are images that often evoke happiness as we think of our own memories during the holidays. Unfortunately, it can also leave many feeling disconnected and isolated if they don’t have family or loved ones reaching out to connect to them or if they have suffered loss or tragedy during this time.  Feeling connected is not always about the numbers of family members or having the tree and gifts.

Caring for Each Other? On the other side of the world, far away from the Norman Rockwell painting scene, it is reported that the street beggars in India are reported as generally having a high level of community. Apparently there is a very strong social connection in that community where they will stay in communication and reach out to look out after each other when one is in need. That report of community is in direct correlation to their feeling of connectedness with other people and has nothing to do with material possessions or status.

My Own Lesson: During a tough time in my life around the Christmas holidays, I was feeling very disconnected and lonely. What helped me tremendously was volunteering with the Salvation Army so that I could help others. By reaching out to help others during that time I was immediately pulled out of my own feelings of loneliness.

Simple Acts of Connection Bring Richness to Everyone
Feeling connected and sharing that connection through simple acts can go a long way.

Who can you reach out and connect with this holiday season?

Who can you check in with by a phone call, or stop by just to say “Hi”?

Who is someone who you can shake their hand, give a hug, pat on the back, or just a touch on the arm?

Who can you give a warm look in the eyes or a warm smile?

Where can you volunteer? 

We as human beings need these. By giving and sharing these “simple acts of connections” to others, we can also lift ourselves.

randomactsWe leave you with this website – Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. Here they share simple ways that random acts of kindness can bring connection and joy to others.




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