Plan for Mental Disability

You are six times more likely to become mentally disabled in a year than to pass on.  Estate Planning is about planning for as many contingencies as possible.  Mental decline, dementia, Alzheimer’s, or some other version of mental decline seems to be growing as we age.  In a Revocable Living Trust a/k/a Living Trust, you... [Read More]

75% of Estate Plans Are Not Current

Studies show that approximately 75% of us do not have a current Estate Plan.  They don’t match the desire of the individual to take care of themselves in the event of their mental disability or take care of their loved ones after they become mental disabled or after they pass on.  If you don’t have... [Read More]

You Have to Tell the Truth

An experienced, relationship based Estate Planning Lawyer needs to know the truth before they can do good Estate Planning for you and your loved ones.  That skilled, relational Estate Planning Lawyer needs to be able to know and understand you and your loved ones’ strengths and weaknesses, goals and concerns, and the real truth about... [Read More]

Ready or Not, Here It Comes

Studies show that 75% of us do not even have a current Will, let alone the needed legal planning in the event we become sick and our loved ones are unable to authorize medical treatment for us.  Nor do we have the proper legal planning in place for loved ones and friends to ask medical... [Read More]

Asset Protection – Do It Right!

I know a very bright and courageous entrepreneur who is trying to do Asset Protection, but they are being taken advantage of.  Unfortunately, this very bright person has bought into the “seminar circuit” and has attended seminars by a national speaker who travels and hits some high points, tells some horror stories about asset protection... [Read More]

Are Your Assets Titled Correctly?

After you pass on, what you own moves by how it is titled.  If it is titled in your name, it goes to Probate Court, even if you have a Living Trust (aka Revocable Trust). If the asset is in joint names with right of survivorship (like with your spouse), it moves to the survivor... [Read More]

Why Whitney Houston Shouldn’t Have Used a Will

Unfortunately, Whitney Houston used a Will based Estate Plan.  Her “Last Will and Testament,” or Will, was admitted into Probate Court in Atlanta, Georgia.  As guessed, Whitney’s 19 year old daughter is her sole beneficiary of the Will with payouts to her at ages 21, 25, and 30.  Meanwhile, the Trustee would make payments on... [Read More]

Whitney Houston – Estate Planning Part 2

As we discussed last time, when a well known celebrity dies, after asking “How?”, we ask, “How much did they leave and to whom?”  Rumors are that Whitney Houston left a multimillion dollar estate to her only child, an 18 year old daughter.  This is an estate that should continue to grow with the sale... [Read More]