September 18: CE Class – “Blended Families – When 55 & Up Remarry”

Estate Planning attorney, Steven Andrew Jackson, will teach a one hour Continuing Education class on “Blended Families – When 55 & Up Remarry.”  Date: Wednesday, September 18, 2019 Time: 8am to 9am Location: The Biltmore Building, One North Pack Square, Asheville CE: Approved for 1 Hour Education by the North Carolina Department of Insurance.  About:... [Read More]

Why do Estate Planning?

Put quite simply, Why should one do Estate Planning? You do Estate Planning because you love someone. You want part of your legacy to endure. You don’t like giving away your hard-earned money to the government or to people you don’t know. You want to make a difference in the life of someone else or... [Read More]

Blended Families – Adult Children – Grandchildren

The tough talks we, as lawyers, have with our clients about their estate planning often involve a discussion about the relationships they hold dearest. This blog series, Tough Talks, addresses those relationships and how they impact estate planning. Let’s recap briefly: We have discussed that 55 and up year old people are increasingly remarrying (Blog... [Read More]

Oops: Accidentally disinheriting loved ones

Continuing our series on “Getting Real: Tough Talks in Estate Planning” we discuss what may happen when changes are made to your Estate Plan.  Updates or changes are often made when changes in a person’s relationships occur (re-marriage, for example).   Changing your Estate Plan can trigger the need to update and change other important documents. ... [Read More]

Remarriage – Money Discussions and Impact on Estate Planning

In this ongoing series, Getting Real, we talk about the Tough Talks estate planning lawyers undertake with their clients.  Remarriage is a common topic.  We previously discussed the high percentage of people that remarry or enter into a partnership after they are 55 years old. This statistic has increased over time as we pointed out... [Read More]

Getting Real in Estate Planning: Tough Talks

A lot of what we do, is hear great stories. We meet fabulous individuals, and hear a lot about their kids and their interesting stories about their lives and how they became successful and can now leave something to their loved ones. This is a positive in estate planning. The other side of Estate Planning... [Read More]


I read that “Thankfulness is the antidote to worry.” If we “count our blessings”, start off the day listing 5 things we are thankful for, each morning we begin to live in gratitude. “Gratitude” cannot exist at the same time as “Anger”, “Resentment” or “Fear”.  You really cannot feel both at the same time. So if... [Read More]