What Is the Solution?

What is the solution? In estate planning, it is easy for things to go poorly if the estate planning is not done well. In our unique process, The Customized Protective Estate Planning Solution™, we have a regular process that we go through which gives us a much better chance of doing a good estate plan... [Read More]

Avoid Bushwacks

Avoiding bushwhacks includes avoiding probate court. I know I am repeating myself here, but this is a common area of misconception. The downsides of probate court are numerous. The attorney fees, which they often refer to as ‘administrative expenses’, can be 5-7% of the value of your probate estate. For example, if you have One... [Read More]

They are gone…

If someone has died, what do we do next? There is a comedy play called Daddy Died, Who Has the Will?, which is a chaotic comedy of everyone scrambling around, trying to find the Will and find out what daddy owned. You want to avoid that. You can have a well done estate plan prepared... [Read More]