Media Mogul Redstone Court Fight

View image | Background: A legal battle has begun over the medical care of media mogul Sumner Redstone. The 92 year old billionaire Redstone is the primary owner of CBS Corporation and Viacom, Inc. Issue: A lawsuit has been filed by Redstone’s former girlfriend who was recently replaced as legal authority of his healthcare.... [Read More]

Lamar Odum has no Advanced Directives and an Almost Ex-Wife making the Decisions

Former NBA player Lamar Odum remains hospitalized and has come off of life support after a drug overdose. He was in a coma for 3 days. He remains on dialysis. He has no Advanced Directives – Healthcare Power of Attorney, Living Wills or Healthcare Designation. Further, he is still married to a Reality TV personality... [Read More]

Remarriage & Estate Planning

Sixty-six year old musician Billy Joel married his 34-year-old girlfriend on July 4th. When someone who has been married before, has children from a previous marriage, and their own assets, they will have to account for the remarriage in their Estate Plan. They may do a new Living Trust aka Revocable Living Trust. They also... [Read More]

Paul Walker Estate Sues to Collect Automobiles

Paul Walker, the handsome actor and star of the “Fast and Furious” movie series, died in a fiery car crash on November 30, 2013. His demise was national news as soon as it happened. His Estate aka Probate is now suing to recover 17 very expensive cars which were held by the man driving the... [Read More]

Tom Benson Declared Competent

A Court in Louisiana declared 87-year-old billionaire Tom Benson (owner of NFL Saints and NBA Pelicans Professional Sports Teams), mentally competent. As discussed in my blog of June 8, 2015, titled “Saints Owner Tom Benson Completes the First Week of Competency Trial” that issue was being litigated. The Court ruling allows Mr. Benson to continue... [Read More]

Saints Owner Tom Benson Completes the First Week of Competency Trial

87 year old billionaire Tom Benson’s Competency Trial ended its first week. It’s expected to pick back up soon. The lawsuit in essence is a power struggle between Tom Benson’s daughter and Tom Benson’s third wife over control of the NFL New Orleans Saints and NBA Pelicans professional sports teams. They are Mr. Benson’s primary... [Read More]

Tom Benson Adult Incompetency Lawsuit

The Tom Benson (owner of the NFL New Orleans Saints and NBA Pelicans professional sports teams) adult incompetency lawsuit continues. Per a Court Order three (3) different medical professionals have examined 87 year old Tom Benson regarding his mental incompetency. His daughter and two (2) adult grandchildren brought the lawsuit. The opposing party is Tom... [Read More]

Owner of New Orleans Saints and NBA Pelicans – Sought to be declared incompetent

Tom Benson is the owner of the NFL Saints and the NBA Pelicans. Both professional sports teams are located in New Orleans, Louisiana. His heirs have sought to have him found an incompetent adult and therefore unable to handle his own affairs (they are seeking control of his financial affairs). He had a mental fitness... [Read More]