If You’re Going Through Hell…

Winston Churchill is quoted as saying, “If you’re going through hell, keep going!” When we are going through a tumultuous time in our life, whether it is personally, physically, or involves loved ones, we have to keep moving. After the initial phase of “catching our breath” after having the “wind knocked out of us”, we... [Read More]

Ice Storms and the Unexpected in Life

The recent sleet and snow covering Western North Carolina in ice and snow reminds us of our powerlessness against storms.  Whether weather storms or unexpected times in life. Recently my friend returned from a trip out of town to find her father jaundiced in color.  Upon taking him to the hospital she learned he has... [Read More]

The Able Act

Congress passed The Able Act. It was to be a much ballyhooed law that would allow a special needs or challenged individual to own assets in their own name and still become eligible for Medicaid Assistance for special care living and related expenses. Unfortunately the law did not turn out as anticipated. What the law... [Read More]

Estate Planning Teamwork Vital

Results of studies on successful businesses and organizations find that “Teamwork” is the most important factor in determining the success of the business. That is closely followed by “getting people to want to work on a Team with you.” These are the most important traits that businesses look for in their new hires. Teamwork is... [Read More]

Steve Teaches CE Class – “Mental Incapacity in Estate Planning”

Steve will teach a Continuing Education Class to Financial, Accounting & Insurance Professionals on planning for and handling Mental Disability in Estate Planning. As the rise of Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s and other related forms of mental disability rise in seniors (and even middle age people), planning for Mental Disability is even more important. Steve will... [Read More]

Donald Sterling Trust Upheld

The Mental Disability Estate Planning done inside Donald and Shelly Sterling’s Living Trust was upheld by the Court. This went through the Court in several weeks avoiding what could have been years of expensive and painful litigation. By Donald and Shelly Sterling, owners of the NBA Los Angeles Clippers Professional Basketball Team, having Mental Disability... [Read More]

Estate Planning and Alzheimer’s for the Denver Bronco’s Owner

Pat Bowlen, president and owner of the NFL Denver Bronco’s Team has resigned as President due to having Alzheimer’s disease. He has struggled with this disease for at least five (5) years. He is 70 years old. The team is held by his Trust. This is another example of a well-known individual in the news... [Read More]

Donald Sterling v. Casey Kasem – Estate Planning

The recent Donald Sterling and Casey Kasem cases served to illustrate when Mental Disability Planning is made a part of the client’s Estate Planning. It was done in the Donald Sterling case inside of his Living Trust aka Revocable Living Trust. A mechanism was designed in the Trust so that Mental Disability Provisions could be... [Read More]

Summer Travel and Heathcare Authority

Summer is when many Americans are traveling out-of-state. They are on vacation to new places or to visit with loved ones or family. As we cross state lines one concern is that our Healthcare Power of Attorney a/k/a Healthcare Proxy might not be accepted in another state. For example if you have a Healthcare Power... [Read More]

Donald Sterling’s Estate Planning – Part 3

On July 7, 2014 a Los Angeles judge will have a hearing to determine whether or not Donald Sterling is capable of serving as Trustee of his and his wife’s Trust. The Trust controls the entity which holds the Los Angeles Clippers, a NBA professional basketball team. Under the Sterling’s Estate Planning their Trust contains... [Read More]