Paul Walker Estate Sues to Collect Automobiles

Paul Walker, the handsome actor and star of the “Fast and Furious” movie series, died in a fiery car crash on November 30, 2013. His demise was national news as soon as it happened. His Estate aka Probate is now suing to recover 17 very expensive cars which were held by the man driving the... [Read More]

Gather Ye Rosebuds

There is a poem that starts “Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, Old Time is still a-flying;” The poem refers to how quickly life is moving and how quickly time is passing. My Dad would say “The older we get, the faster time moves”. I did not really understand that until I got into my... [Read More]

Asheville Air Tragedy

Recently a small private airplane owned and flown by a middle-aged Asheville man, along with his two adult sons and one of the son’s fiancé, crashed killing all of them. They crashed on the edge of the busy Interstate I-285 on the north side of Atlanta. They had just lifted off from a small private... [Read More]

Spring Comes, Seasons Change

As the warm air and sunshine arrives, the daffodils peek out from the barren ground and we are aware that Spring is coming. During cold, snowy, icy and gray sky days it is easy to forget that time moves forward and that Spring will come. Spring is my favorite season. It is a season of... [Read More]

Ice Storms and the Unexpected in Life

The recent sleet and snow covering Western North Carolina in ice and snow reminds us of our powerlessness against storms.  Whether weather storms or unexpected times in life. Recently my friend returned from a trip out of town to find her father jaundiced in color.  Upon taking him to the hospital she learned he has... [Read More]

It’s Never Too Late For You – Or Harper Lee

Harper Lee who published her first novel To Kill a Mockingbird in 1960 will have her second novel released this July, some fifty-five years later. Go Set a Watchman will be Harper Lee’s second novel which will be released to great fanfare this summer. Harper Lee is now 88 years old, deaf, nearly blind and... [Read More]

President Wants to Raise Taxes

President Obama is seeking to raise Capital Gains Taxes again. Capital Gains Taxes were raised during his first term in office. The President says that the Capital Gains Tax only affects the “wealthy”. Capital Gains Taxes affects anyone who might ever own their own home, whether it is a house, condominium, or land. Further, it... [Read More]

Accountants figuring out Obamacare

Accountants tell me they are still scratching their heads and still trying to figure out the taxes that are inside the Obamacare legislation. The reason the Obamacare law was upheld by the US Supreme Court was that it was as Chef Justice Roberts said, a “Tax Bill”. Congress has the authority to raise taxes. Unfortunately... [Read More]

Stuart Scott Passes On

Stuart Scott the iconic, high energy, full of life sportscaster on ESPN passed away on Sunday morning. He was 49 years old. Stuart Scott was famous for his sayings of “Boo-yah!” and, “As cool as the other side of the pillow”, and so many more. He was as full of life as anyone you could... [Read More]

New Year’s Resolution

We often make New Year’s resolutions and promise ourselves, and possibly others, that in the new year we will lose weight, improve our health, learn a new skill, clean the garage, fix up our home, get a new automobile or become fluent in a new language. What these resolutions are about is trying to improve our... [Read More]