Obamacare back before the US Supreme Court

On Wednesday, March 4, 2015, the US Supreme Court heard arguments on the legality of this controversial law.  The legal challenges include that the federal government is requiring states to take certain actions that maybe unconstitutional for the federal government to require. Under this law those who choose to self-insure themselves due to high insurance... [Read More]

Accountants figuring out Obamacare

Accountants tell me they are still scratching their heads and still trying to figure out the taxes that are inside the Obamacare legislation. The reason the Obamacare law was upheld by the US Supreme Court was that it was as Chef Justice Roberts said, a “Tax Bill”. Congress has the authority to raise taxes. Unfortunately... [Read More]

Failures in Obamacare Show Government’s Ineffectiveness

The President’s own political party is turning against him due to the ineffectiveness of Obamacare and it’s eliminating health insurance for those who already have medical coverage. It appears that not only is the Government unable to provide a Website, or other way to obtain health insurance, but it is canceling the health insurance of... [Read More]