Traveling South

Many people travel south during this time of year. They’re often called “snow birds”. They may be going for a short trip or a few months. It may be to head to warmer climates. Anytime you are traveling out of your home state you want to make sure that your Healthcare legal documents work outside... [Read More]

Cold Enough to Kill!

The current weather in the Eastern part of the United States is “Is Cold Enough to Kill!” If you are out in this weather for any extended period of time you could easily suffer from hypothermia or frostbite which could lead to death due to exposure. Not only do you have to dress warmly if... [Read More]

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

We wish you and your loved ones a warm and gracious time with loved ones. For many of us our family consists of friends who can be closer than brothers and sisters. As the year winds down remember to be thankful for even the smallest blessings. We wish you warm feelings of contentment and joy.... [Read More]

Gratitude Offsets Anger and Fear

One cannot be in both Gratitude and also in Anger or Fear at the same time.  If we are in gratitude we are in polar opposite of, and unable to be in, Anger or Fear.  Anger locks us down wherein we are unable to move forward. Fear of the future also keeps us from moving... [Read More]

Failures in Obamacare Show Government’s Ineffectiveness

The President’s own political party is turning against him due to the ineffectiveness of Obamacare and it’s eliminating health insurance for those who already have medical coverage. It appears that not only is the Government unable to provide a Website, or other way to obtain health insurance, but it is canceling the health insurance of... [Read More]

What Is Important in Estate Planning?

When polling my clients on their top priorities in their Estate Plans, they’ve told me they are: (1)  take care of them while they are alive or while they are mentally disabled; (2)  take care of their family or loved ones; and (3)  avoid Probate Court costs and Taxes Your priorities may be similar. You... [Read More]

Steve Teaches CE Class – “Financial, Insurance & Accounting Opportunities in Estate Planning”

Steve will teach a Continuing Education Class – “Financial, Insurance & Accounting Opportunities in Estate Planning” on Wednesday, November 6,2013 at 8am at The Biltmore Building to Financial & Insurance Professionals & Accountants.  The class will focus on opportunities to create business through Estate Planning for these Professional Advisors. The Class is approved for one... [Read More]

The Death of Adrian Peterson’s Son Prioritizes Everything

The murder of the 2 year old son of Adrian Peterson puts things in perspective. The trivial things his family members may have worried about before the tragedy dissolve into meaninglessness. What are the most important things in your life? Who are the most important people in your life? What are you doing to take... [Read More]

Technology Without Wisdom is Wasted

Billionaire Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys football team, was ridiculed for using a “flip-phone” on Monday. It obviously has not held him back from being a successful oil businessman or successful owner of possibly the most valuable NFL Team. There is some tendency to think that the most recent technology is more important... [Read More]

One cannot know Joy or Serenity without the Gift of Loss

We seek to avoid all of the pain of life for ourselves and loved ones.  However Pain & Loss are where we really learn.  It is where we gather Wisdom that we can later use to help ourselves and others.  We don’t want to intentionally hurt ourselves or our loved ones unnecessarily because Life will... [Read More]