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    Steven developed a thorough plan to meet our complicated needs with a blended family and special needs child in a timely manner. - Cheryl F.

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    Mr. Jackson made a tough process easy and painless! - Kyle M.

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    "Integrity, trust - a rare item - it's here! - Ron F.

Bonus Material: Family Conflict in Estate Planning for Today’s Family

There is so much Family Conflict that I have seen over time when dealing with client’s Estate Plans. I had planned to limit the subject to 5 Blogs, but thought it was important to add in these important thoughts for your consideration. If any of these areas relate to your personal Estate Plan, make sure... [Read More]

Family Conflict in Estate Planning: Family Secrets

Part 3 of our Series Sources of Family Conflict in Estate Planning Family conflicts are as dynamic as our family makeup.  Deciding who’s in charge of your estate (blog 2) or sibling rivalry (blog 1), the sources of family conflict are often secrets between family members.  This week we write about histories of resentment and... [Read More]

Family Conflict in Estate Planning: Who’s in control?

Part 2 of our Series Sources of Family Conflict in Estate Planning Last week we wrote about Sibling Rivalry as one of the sources of family conflict in estate planning. To read that post, click here.  This week we discuss another source – deciding who is in charge.  When you create your estate plan there... [Read More]

Family Conflict in Estate Planning: A 5 Part Series

When it comes to  the administration of an estate, controversy often happens.  Often these controversies are the result of family conflicts.  Understanding these conflicts BEFORE they happen can help you create the proper estate plan to avoid unnecessary delays, legal battles and of course, bitterness. Sibling Rivalry Part 1 The sources of conflict within a... [Read More]


REGISTER FOR STEVEN ANDREW JACKSON CONTINUING EDUCATION CLASS “FAMILY CONFLICT IN ESTATE PLANNING” Estate Planning attorney, Steven Andrew Jackson, will teach a one hour Continuing Education class on “Family Conflict in Estate Planning.”   Description: The last thing a person wants to do when they pass on is create conflict for their loved ones. Often... [Read More]

Life is Tremendous

When I graduated from college, (long ago and far away), I received a gift of a book titled “Life is Tremendous” by Charlie Jones. It has a number of interesting points. One of the interesting points which I found to be true almost forty-years later are that there are three (3) big questions that we... [Read More]

Going Home

My mom was the kindest person I have ever known. I cannot remember anytime  where she said anything negative about anyone. She went out of her way to make people feel welcome and accepted as they were. This was regardless of the circumstances or the people she was around. My mom was also the most... [Read More]